Here we present you our NEW PRODUCT of Chestnut,

"MARRONIE" is being the best hit snack in JAPAN recent years.

"MARRONIE" is quite delicious and very easy snack of chestnut.
"MARRONIE" is chestnut that is roasted and peeled then packed only kernel in a plastic bag.
This packing is innovated by special technology that make it possible to maintain chestnut's natural taste and softness for a long period.


Here comes "WARAI-GURI"

"WARAI-GURU" is Japanese and it means "Laughing Chestnut" that is named because it seems like laouhing man.
We developed "WARAI GURI" and got grate positive response from the market.
"WARAI-GURI" is also roasted chestnut but with peel, and we supply it by frozen.
We put a crack on surface before roast so anyone, even child can peel off easily.



"WARAI-GINNAN" is roasted ginkgo nut with crack on shell.
It tastes little bitter so called taste of adults.

Ginkgo nuts are verry popular specially in JAPAN and KOREA.

We are sure these will get a splendid reputation in your market!

We welcome your deal with these products and will be pleased to offer you.



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